Partner Spotlight

United Fire Group

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Cedar Rapids are proud to have the continued support of the Randy Ramlo and United Fire Group (UFG)!

Below is an interview with Randy Ramlo, President and CEO of United Fire Group, Inc. as John Tursi recently sat down with him to share some of the good things happening at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Cedar Rapids, to say thank you to Mr. Ramlo for his support of the Club and to inquire more about his/UFG's philanthropic efforts. 

I have had the distinct honor of knowing Randy since 2007 (to my recollection). Randy’s son, Connor, and my son, Sam, played baseball for the Xavier Saints together and then played various other sports through 2014 when they both graduated from Xavier.

Ramlo began working at UFG in 1984. He has held several positions within UFG, and now has served as the President and CEO since May of 2017.

When I asked Randy about UFG’s philanthropic endeavors, he simply stated, “We don’t do it for the recognition. We do it because it is the right thing to do for the community.” He gave credit to UFG Founder Scott McIntyre Sr. for setting that goal many years ago. “UFG is just carrying on a tradition that Scott started. Our focus is on three categories: Education, Community and Human Services.” Randy is quick to point out that they try to help as many great causes as they can that fit within the parameters of those three categories.

I then asked Randy why UFG supports the Boys & Girls Clubs of Cedar Rapids? He stated it always helps to know the person you are dealing with (thank goodness for Saints baseball). UFG really likes the idea that they are primarily prevention and that it is an early intervention program. Randy used the old saying “UFG likes the concept of teaching people to fish- give them the tools early enough so they can go on and be successful members of the community. The earlier we can teach them to fish the better and the Boys & Girls Clubs definitely fits that motto.” Randy also stated that personally he “loves that the Clubs provide a place for kids to go, do something constructive, and be around positive role models.”  

I asked Randy what impact he believes the Clubs has on a child. Randy said, “Like many people, I am on board with the need for our community to focus on reading and math proficiency. With the Return on Investment (ROI) sheet you provided, I am impressed with the success your kids are having in those areas.” He was also glad to see all of the neighborhoods we are in and that we are open during the key times that kids need a place to go to. 
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